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Scott is a Certified Fraud Examiner with over 30 years of experience in finance, accounting, and audit. He has proudly served the tax payers of Collin County since 2013. He currently serves in the Auditor’s office as an Internal Auditor going throughout the county to ensure that county offices are in compliance with all applicable statues, rules, and regulations and making sure that county assets paid for with tax payer funds are property protected and accounted for.

During his time at the county, he also spent over 2 years as the Financial Operation Manager for the Tax Assessor Collector’s Office.

Since joining the county, he has earned the following certifications from the Texas Assessor Collector Association:

  • Professional Deputy Assessor Collector (PDAC)
  • Professional County Collector (PCC)
  • Certified Tax Office Professional (CTOP)

Keeping up with statutes, rules, and regulations is extremely important to Scott and he takes advantage of every training opportunity available to learn and better serve the citizens of Collin County.  

Prior to joining the county, Scott worked in several multi-billion dollar corporations such as:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Tyson Foods
  • Coca Cola Enterprises
  • Aaron’s lease to own

Holding such positions as Senior Auditor, Trainer, Regional Audit Supervisor, and Seminar Instructor for the Institute of Internal Auditors.  Over his career he has developed many audit programs, written policy and procedure manuals, and created many training programs. 

He proudly serves the tax payers of Collin County with his on the job experience.  He has helped many taxpayers with their property tax questions by holding several free seminars and meeting one-on-one with tax payers. He is always happy to answer any questions they might have.  His past experience as an award-winning real estate professional, his on the job experience and using information learned while obtaining his professional certifications has helped him gain an understand the property tax system.  Scott has helped many tax payers around the county and throughout the state by providing answers to their property tax related questions.

As the county has grown to over a million people, the county collects almost $4 billion in property tax and issues over 1.5 million motor vehicle receipts yearly. His experience makes him well suited to be able to ensure that the funds collected for property taxes and motor vehicle fees are properly accounted for and submitted to the correct entities. 

Scott is also active in his community, serving at his church on the worship team and is a board member on the McKinney Sunrise Rotary club among many other things that he does to help serve Collin County

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